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F-Spear is a celebration of my family’s heritage and the time that I spent with my father growing up. In my childhood I remember our house being full of custom-made wooden furniture, and my father would often take me out to the workshop and show me how his mind and his hands were able to transform wood into magnificent shapes. The name “F-spear” is taken from our family cattle brand (“spear-F-spear”) and this motif is incorporated into the sole of the plane. For the overall design of the plane, I wanted something that was medium-sized and very versatile with the potential to make fine adjustments to the cut.


SolidWorks, HSMWorks, Haas VF1, metal lathe, wood lathe, various woodshop tools


Aluminum Bronze, Phosphor Bronze, Bearing Bronze, Brass,
316 Stainless, M390 Blade Steel, Claro Walnut