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Pinion and Verbeer are bottle openers, and my stated goals were to make them beautiful, whimsical, and functional. They were both made as part of ME318: Computer Aided Product Creation, and the assignment was to design and build an opener connected to my hometown. I chose an eagle after my high school mascot, naming it Pinion because of the connection between pinion feathers and pinion gears in engineering. While this design was fully functional, it was not the most ergonomic, so I also decided to make an opener in the shape of a micrometer. It has no connection at all to my hometown, but it’s a reflection of my love of engineering, and I named it Verbeer as a play on vernier micrometers.


SolidWorks, HSMWorks, Haas VF1, sandblast cabinet


303 Stainless Steel, 430 Stainless Steel